The GammeV Collaboration


A. Baumbaugh, A. Chou*˚, Y. Irizarry-Valle, P. Mazur, J. Steffen, R. Tomlin, W. Wester*, Y. Xi, J. Yoo

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Batavia, IL 60510


D. Gustafson

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI 48109


A. Upadhye&

Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics

University of Chicago

Chicago, IL 60637


A. Weltman&

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Cambridge UK

And Cosmology and Gravity Group, Univ. of Cape Town, South Africa



Alan Baumbaugh

Particle Physics Division

Electrical Engineering Dept.

MS 222


Data acquisition


Aaron Chou*˚

Particle Physics Division

MS 209


Project scientist and optics

Dick Gustafson

Univ. of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1040


Yilda Irizarry-Valle

Particle Physics Division

MS 222




Peter Mazur

Technical Division

MS 367


Tech Division liaison and magnet


Jason Steffen

Center for Particle Astrophysics

MS 127


Mechanical prototypes

Ray Tomlin

Accelerator Division

MS 307


Laser and optics

William Wester*

Particle Physics Division

Electrical Engineering Dept.

MS 222


Project manager and PMT


Yang Xi

Accelerator Division

MS 306


Optics and laser

Jonghee Yoo

Particle Physics Division

MS 209


WebMaster and data handling



˚present address, New York University

present address, Brookhaven National Laboratory

present address, Univ. of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

&Collaborators on GammeV Chameleon



Technical Engineering/Assistance:

Mechanical: Carl Lindenmeyer ( and John Korienek (

Electrical: Kelly Knickerbocker (

Magnet: Bill Mumper (






Jonghee Yoo, Dick Gustafson, Peter Mazur, Al Baumbaugh, Ray Tomlin, Yang Xi, Yilda Irizarry-Valle, Aaron Chou, and William Wester